Become a Partner at Sharedpro

Earn extra income by investing only a few minutes without leaving your current job.

2 Steps to earn

Invite candidates

Invite best talent from your network to apply for jobs through a unique referral link received from Sharedpro.

Earn cash

Once a candidate is hired, you earn reward cash directly deposited into your account through NEFT.

How it works?

Apply with your details

Click on apply now and submit a small application form with details like your specializations, skills & your network strength.
Please note that we're only enrolling 5 subject matter experts from each specialization for now.

Onboarding on the platform

After a small phone call, you'll be on-boarded on our platform as a Sharedpro Partner. We'll give you a small tour to our platform as to how you can keep a track of your work.

Start sharing referral link

Once on-boarded, you'll start receiving your unique referral link via emails and whatsapp. You'll be notified via email and on the platform as and when someone applies through your link or he/she gets hired.

Get cash reward deposited in your account

For each successful hire, you earn cash reward to the extent of INR 30k.
The best part of this campaign is, even if your invitees are sharing the link in their network, you both will be earning commission on each successful hire.

Earn through your multi-level network

Being a Sharedpro Partner, when you send your unique link to a friend and if they share that unique link within their network, and someone from your friend's network is hired then you both earn reward.

Amid the global economic downturn

Help the community

With a rise in layoffs, be a part of our cause to help our community bounce back strongly from this crisis.

How the earnings are decided?

First order hire

When a candidate is hired from a referral link shared by you, you get 40% of the mark up fee.

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second order hire

When a candidate is hired from a referral link shared by your referee, you both get 20% of the mark up fee.

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subsequent hire

For each subsequent future hire of your referee, earn 20% of the mark up fee.

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